Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Hunt For Chives

Yo diary,

So summer is 3 days away; I can taste freedom on my tongue. It has been a loooooooooong year! I cannot wait til 5th grade; Ms. Tacoshell is giving me a headache. Next year means new teacher, new school, and new town. Grammy and I are moving away from Watershed Heights next month; she says she can’t handle the town. She says it’s not a safe place for me to grow-up in; she thinks it’s too dangerous, which is probably true. We had three people die in our town just yesterday alone. What?! Grammy just doesn’t get it! We have at least one person killed in town each day. Grammy doesn’t want us to be the next victims (I can totally understand that! I don’t want to die either! I have too much to live for!) But I am gonna miss this place. It’s been good to me, and I like to think that I have been good to it. It’s changed me. Made me stronger, made me happier, and made me less annoying ( I hope!).
For dinner tonight, grammy is switching it up (for once)! She is preparing steak, baked potatoes, and peas. She calls me into the kitchen to ask me to run an errand; she is in need of chives for the potatoes. What the “HE double hockey sticks LL” are chives?! She tells me to venture up to the roof top garden and places a huge herb encyclopedia in my arms. She points to the picture on page three hundred and fifty-four. Grammy tells me to go look for the herb in the garden that looks like that one. I head to the garden to retrieve the herb. Once on the roof top, I see Blanket Cobb. Blanket is our neighbor in the apartment complex. He looks hungry, tired, and odd. He seems to be munching on weeds from one of the garden plots and buzzing like a bee. Weird! I leave him beeeee (haha!) and hold out the herb book in search of chives. I find the herb and pinch off a few shoots. I got it! Grammy will be so proud of me!
As I turn to leave, I once again remember Blanket Cobb. I can’t leave quite yet. My heart is sad. I say Blanket, would you like to come over for dinner tonight? My grammy is fixing steak, potatoes and peas. Blanket doesn’t respond; he is in his own little world. I guess the garden is his place to get away from it all and have silence and a snack. Sometimes we all need a change of pace, a time to get away, a chance be alone, and a moment to stop and smell the gardenias…

Lucy P.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Follow Your Nose

Howdy Diary!
Right as I stepped off the school bus, the smell of a freshly baked pecan pie entered my nose. What a wonderful smell! Our town never smelled like anything other than ancient sewage. What a great surprise; if you lived in my village, than you would understand my surprise by the sweet aroma. I could not wait to go home and tell grammy about the smell.
As I entered our condo, I found grammy sitting on the couch pressing the remote. I stopped to check my watch. The clock read 3:53. Just 7 minutes until Dr. Phil (my grammy’s favorite show) started. I guess she won’t be watching that today, I thought. See, I told you she is soooooooooo old. Who likes fat Dr. Phony Phil? “Hey, grammy. I have a question.” “Yes. What is it Lucy Goosey?” Wow. She hadn’t called me that in ages. I forgot how much I missed grammy’s nicknames. Lately, she had just been calling me Lucy in casual conversation or Lucille when she was really mad at me. “Have you been outside grammy? What is that amazing smell?” “Sweetie, I don’t know what you are talking about. Let me go out to the balcony to check.” Grammy walked to the balcony; I followed her. Grammy was amazed by the smell as well. We saw the whole town lining up outside of the diner. “Grammy, can we please go?”
Later, once grammy had placed the meatloaf in the oven, we joined the rest of Watershed Heights in hopes of getting a bite of the pie. Takuda Hiroshi stood in front of us in line. Takuda lived on our floor. He was an odd man who, if you asked me, didn’t need any pie. He had already eaten enough pie in his lifetime. Of course while waiting in line, grammy felt the need to talk to Takuda. We grabbed our pie slices to go. We needed to get home to check on the meatloaf baking away in the oven.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Night of Reflection

Hello Diary,
I could smell the summer air as Grammy and I left Watershed Heights. I couldn’t wait for the summer to be upon us. Jill and I were headed to Bible Camp, Grammy and I were leaving home for a road trip to Vegas, and I had a summer job walking the neighborhood dog, Lucky. All was good. Things had changed. Grammy said I had exited my egocentric phase. Whatever that means? But maybe Watershed Heights had changed me for better. I guess only time would tell…
We left the condo and walked across the street to the Asian restaurant…again! We ate here at 3 times a week. After school, I came home to find Grammy balled up on the couch sobbing. Grammy’s BFF from Bingo Club had passed away. She said she needed to go eat some meatloaf in order to cope and forget about Betsy. I had never seen her act in such a down way; it was like no Grammy I had ever seen. But things were changing…as I matured, Grammy seemed to only grow wrinkly, cranky, and fat.
In the booth, we sat in silence. I stared at our neighbor. He looked lonely and awkward. No wonder he had no friends. I heard him talked to the waiter in German. Awesome! Maybe over the summer I could ask him to teach me some German then he wouldn’t have to be so sad and alone. After paying for the dinner, he ran out of the cafĂ© in a hurry. Odd. I wondered where he was headed in such a quick manner. I wondered what his story was…

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#68, please!

Hola Diary,
After a long church service today, Grammy asked if was up for Foo Foo’s the local Asian Restaurant. I told her duh I was. Foo Foo’s was the only place in town that Grammy and I could ever agree on. My favorite dish at Foo Foo’s was #68 which included beef, rice, and carrots. Yum! Grammy always settled for the American Classics either meatloaf or chicken noodle soup from the “For the Kiddies” menu. Today, Grammy ordered the meatloaf while I ordered #68. Moments after we placed our order, I glanced out the window just in time to see two men stealing an ATM. What? There was always something exciting happening in town. First the fire and now a robbery! But, hey, at least it was interesting and gave the town something to talk about other than the weather.
I looked over to the park and saw our neighbor, Ceili Thompson, on her phone. I hope she was calling 911. By the time our food came, half of our town (including all the hobos) gathered outside of Foo Foo’s as the cops interviewed the bystanders. Many of whom just looked like they had woken up. All I could think about was how much I did not want to cops coming in and investigating me as I downed my #68. All I wanted was to be left alone. The next thing I know Grammy pushes her wooden chair back with a screech and heads to the exit, heads to where the police are. Oh, no I thought. Why do old people always have to ask for trouble? Can’t Grammy just be content and eat her meatloaf?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Panic, Fire, a Nun, and Tomato Soup

Where is Grammy? Panic rushes through me like horses being released at the Kentucky Derby. I looke all around me but there is no Grammy to be found. How could she leave me like this? What a horrible Grammy! Didn’t she remember that I was only 10 years old? I squeeze between the overgrowing crowds as I hunted for my one and only Grammy. The crowds start to suddenly move in the opposite direction. The people start to run away from the carnival and yells filled the night sky. I try my best to go with the flow but I am not up for the race. My feet are sore, my heart is pounding, and my pony tail is sliding out. In all the chaos, I catch a glimpse of Grammy. I try to travel towards her but am unable to get over to her. I exit the carnival and the smell of smoke fills my nose. Fire!
I run to an empty spot on a bench located outside the carnival. I sit my butt down next to a woman wearing black and white. Her face is mostly covered by a scarf, and she wares a necklace with a cross around her neck. She looks nice. As I sit down, she asks me my name. Of course I tell her my name. Lucille Peel, Lucy for short. All of a sudden, she knells down on the asphalt and puts her hands together; she starts to pray. She closes her eyes as she mouths words in the direction of the carnival. The smoke continues to cover the dark, night sky.
Grammy runs over to our bench with a huge smile on her face. I have never seen Grammy so happy and to be honest I have never seen Grammy move that fast! Grammy grabs me and kisses my cheek. Grammy turns to the woman kneeling and introduces herself. The woman says that she is a nun named Agnes. Oh, I never knew what a real life nun looked like. Awesome! Grammy thanks Agnes for taking great care of me. Agnes tells Grammy it is no problem. Grammy invites Agnes home for dinner. Agnes agrees. Once at home, we gather around the table. Grammy exits the kitchen and arrives at the table holding a pot of warm basil tomato soup and a tray of garlic bread. What a great ending to a crazy day. I have my Grammy sitting beside me and a nun sitting across from me. Life is good.

from can’t wait to help! get me out of here…ASAP!

Happy, happy, happy Saturday, Diary! I can’t wait for the carnival this afternoon. Grammy said that we can go if I help her with the morning shopping! Gross! I hate helping her out at the grocery mart; she is as slow as a pickle (and she smells like one, too!). We have to buy ingredients to bake my Uncle Phil’s birthday cake; he is about to be 53 and he still has his mom bake his birthday cake. Weird! Uncle P always requests that Grammy make him red velvet cake with blue cream cheese icing. He is rather picky but Grammy does whatever she can to make her “baby boy” happy. If you ask me, he needs to start baking his own cake or muster up enough change to buy himself one. Last time I checked, he was a rather big boy.
All weeklong I have heard cries from the carnival, and I am pretty sure the cries have been cries of joy; it looks like a blast! The day is rather hot so before Grammy and I head down to the excitement, we lather up in sunscreen and grab our spring attire; it’s going to be a hot one! At the carnival, we run across Pastor Dan. Oh no! I don’t like him very much; he is an odd fellow. I don’t like the idea of seeing him out in public. It’s bad enough seeing him at church. Of course Grammy stops and talks to Dan. So, as she vents about how her Bible is missing pages, I go to explore the commotion alone.
I jog to the ticket counter to purchase some ride tokens. Maybe I should go grab Grammy to come with me on the ferris wheel. I return to the spot where I last saw Pastor Dan and Grammy, but oh no!!! I can’t see either one of them and, and, and…(to be continued!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Day! YAY!

Hey Diary,
What a great start to winter break; today was a snow day! YAY! At first, I was kind of bored. There was nothing good to watch on television, no crafts to do, no one to talk to, and no one to go sledding with. Watershed Heights is still as bad now as it was on day one; I am still the youngest person in this gross, old building, and my grammy is still driving me crazy! What’s new?

Today, grammy left me alone in the apartment while she traveled a few towns away to Rise and Shine old people activity center. Grammy went for a bingo game and water aerobics class; see, I told you she is old. Later, there was a gentle knock at the door. My eyes darted around the room and fear dripped through me. I slowly skipped to grab a wooden chair from the sewing room. I quietly scooted the chair to the door in order to peek out of the peep hole. At once, I was face to face with some brown blob, a wart. GROSS! Suddenly the mysterious warty, person spoke; it sounded like a lady. The lady timidly said, “Hi. I will not hurt you. Please open up.” I stupidly unlocked the 3 deadbolt locks and pulled the knob toward me. “Hello,” I said. “Who are you?” “Oh, yes. My name is Ruth Cartes; I live a few doors down.” “Never seen you before.” I spoke as I started to close the door; I was ready for this Ruth to go. I had important stuff to get to, didn’t I? “I know that it must be a snow day for you today, right? I would like to invite you over for the day to make holiday cookies with me. Would you like that?” How could I pass up such an inviting offer? I had nothing to do and despite the wart the lady didn’t look that odd or old which was surprising for Watershed. “I guess I can,” I replied. So, that is how I spent my first snow day in Watershed Heights, baking cookies with Ms. Ruth.

At about dinner time, Ruth’s husband, Jacques, entered the kitchen. At the sight of me, Jacques made an acute 360 and sprinted away. How odd. What was his problem? Did he have a problem with cute, creative, spunky me? After my encounter with Jacques, I figured I should go home to reunite with grammy. I got home just in time to see grammy at the dinner table along with her favorite dish: meatloaf. Typical. I guess some things never change.